International Moving

Are you planning on moving from Japan to Canada?

If you're planning an international move it's important to note that the process for international move is much more difficult than that of any other traditional move. There are a number of big considerations when it comes to moving from Japan to Canada. Here are some points to consider from our international moving company located in Japan.

  1. Declutter: there's nothing worse than moving a bunch of items that you simply don't need. Make sure to declutter your home as much as possible to get started. Make sure that everything can fit into bags or that you have access to a number of luggage items that you can use for quick packing of items you will need immediately. Get rid of any items that you feel you won't use once you leave and then have the moving company prepare a quote for the main items you won't take on the plane with you and can access later.
  2. Organize your travel itinerary and accommodations: have a plan for the first few days settling in as well as what you are going to do for the time you are without your main moving possessions. There can be several days of flux with international moving before you start to see furniture arriving and other goods so it may be wise to have a backup plan during this transition phase.
  3. Work to find the best moving company: when it comes to trusting a moving company to transition your belongings overseas it's important to select the right candidate. The best moving company is and always the cheapest and it's important to ask about the methods and qualifications the moving company has.
  4. Consider your visas: if you are planning on moving from Japan to Canada permanently make sure that you can legally stay in the country and that all of your family members can move with you. Do the Visa research ahead of time so that you donft end up at risk later on.
  5. Complete the research ahead of time: If you are new to Canada and living in Canada make sure to perform the adequate research on the cost of accommodation, where you should live and more information about current exchange rates, jobs and more. Having a plan about how you will live day-to-day is very important and can make the process of moving in transitioning easier.

Keep the following tips and more in mind if you are planning on moving from Japan to Canada. As always contact our international moving company in Japan for a price quote on international moves to Canada and around the world.

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