Moving to the USA

  Are you planning to move to the United States and looking for a way to ship to USA from Japan, i.e. shipping your personal belongings? First you will need to know the most affordable way to do so. After all, it’s not like you can just rent a U-Haul truck and drive your possessions over to a new country. You will either need to have them shipped by sea on a boat or by air on a plane. When you are relocating from Japan, the cheapest option depends on the weight and volume of the items you are sending. Air shipments will be more expensive if you have heavier items. Obviously, you are not going to want to pack furniture and dressers onto an airplane because the costs will be very excessive. These kinds of items are cheaper to ship on a boat because the volume of the items is calculated rather than the weight. However, this also means that shipping lighter items by sea will cost more than shipping by air. That is why it is best to ship lighter items by air and heavier items by sea. This will give you the most affordable results that you are looking for when making your big move to the United States.
   You’ll likely want to ship your possessions a few weeks in advance prior to your arrival in America. That way you can take care of your other affairs without having to worry about being at your destination when the items arrive. Now it is important to understand that customs requirements for picking up shipments are different in each country. Fortunately, the United States Customs regulations are a little bit more relaxed when it comes to picking up shipments. You can actually have family and friends go to the pickup location and have them pick the items up for you. Just contact the U.S. Customs office and let them know who is going to be there in your place. Again, the rules for doing this are different in every country. But in the United States you shouldn’t have any problems with it.
If you are unable to find someone to pick your items up then you will be charged a storage fee for the items until you can go to pick them up. The only other way around this is if you hire a professional moving company to transport your possessions by truck after they arrive at the docks. If you don’t have a lot of possessions then you could rent a U-Haul truck and move them yourself after you arrive in America.

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