U.S. International Moving

   International moving to or from the United States is always going to be more costly than domestic moving. In the beginning, you have to fly back and forth between countries to view the property you are going to be moving into. Then you can either rent or purchase that property to secure it before you finally make the move. Next comes the tough part; moving your possessions to the new property in the other country. This can be a headache, especially if you have a lot of possessions to move. The best way to start is by making a list of all the heavy items and lighter items that you want to ship. A general rule of thumb is that heavier items get shipped by boat and lighter items get shipped by plane. This is a formula for shipping that will save you the most money when moving internationally.
   When preparing your boxes and crates for shipment, the customs forms are what you will really have to pay attention to. Each box is required to have a customs label that describes its contents. You don’t have to give long drawn out descriptions of every single item in the box. For example, if you pack a box full of jeans and dress shirts then you could just label the box “clothing” and be done with it. But if you ship clothing that is very valuable then you might want to individually spell out the type of clothing along with the quantity for each type of clothing. This will be beneficial to do in order to calculate the declared value. Once you have determined the value, you will want to purchase insurance for the items. Insurance costs vary between countries, but if you are moving from Japan then the insurance would cost 1.5% of the declared value. So the more valuable items you send, the more it will cost to insure them.
   The last set of costs will be any possible tariffs that exist in the country you are sending the items to. People moving from Japan to the United States won’t have to worry about this if they are shipping their personal possessions. However, if you are moving out of the United States to another country whether it is Japan, China or Australia then you need to research the tariff rates in that country. Otherwise, you could be surprised with a big tax bill after you send your possessions to the country you are moving to.

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